PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness Resources and Application

We are now accepting online Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness applications. Before starting the application process, please read this page carefully and follow the instructions provided. We encourage you to take your time to make sure the application is correct. Remember, with a few rare exceptions, there’s no rush to apply. It’s better to take our time to make sure we all get it right. The deadline to apply is 10 months after the end of your covered period, no later than October 31, 2021. Most people have plenty of time.

How Forgiveness Works

Loan Forgiveness Applications 

If you are ready, FAB&T is ready to take your PPP forgiveness application. 

We have worked to create an easy-to-use, online application experience. There are two different applications:  EZ and full. There is a possibility that we will get a third application, which would be a “super EZ” application for loans under a certain amount (probably $150,000). This application is part of a bill being debated in Congress now and may not come to pass. If it does, it will make forgiveness process virtually instant for most of our customers so we are following this discussion closely.

Our online application starts with a few questions designed to help you choose the right application. Depending on your answers, it will automatically choose the right one for you. Think carefully about your answers. If you need to stop or get interrupted during the online application process, please make sure you save your information so you can pick up where you left off.

Documents Required for a Forgiveness Application

PPP Worksheet (Schedule A)

Instructions for EZ PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

Instructions for Full PPP Loan Forgiveness Application 


Before you get started, we strongly advise you to watch 3 short tutorial videos that will walk you through the process step-by-step. 

Borrower Tutorial:  Filling Out the Application

Borrower Tutorial:  Uploading Documents

Borrower Tutorial: How To Sign Your SBA Documents and Complete the Process

To get started on your PPP Forgiveness Application click the link below:

Start your PPP Forgiveness Application

If you have any questions, please contact us at loan@fabandt.bank, or contact the loan officer that assisted with your original PPP application directly.