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Wealth Management

Invest In Your Future

A secure financial future for you and your family takes more than wishful thinking. It requires thoughtful planning and preparation. With more than 50 years of combined experience in Trust & Estate AdministrationInvestment Management Services (including Managed IRAs) and Custody & Escrow Services, our FAB&T Wealth Management team is well-equipped to help you achieve your financial goals. At FAB&T, knowledgeable and quality service is what we aim to provide. You will find our staff to be responsive and on the cutting edge of trends and technologies to better serve the needs of you and your family.

Trusted Associates

When it comes to investment management, choosing the right advisor is a critical first step. At FAB&T, we understand the importance of having confidence and trust in choosing your investment advisor and in their ability to serve your specific and individualized needs.

That is why we took the time and care in choosing the right industry experts to help us deliver the quality service and expertise our clients have come to expect. Our decision to choose MainStreet Advisors is one in which we have the utmost confidence. As one of the nation’s largest investment advisory firms, MainStreet Advisors employs a talented team of investment professionals who share in our vision/strategy of a disciplined investment process focused on long-term financial goals.

How it Works

Our Wealth Management team works closely with you, the client, to determine your investment goals and objectives. We understand not all circumstances are the same, that is why our clients are never placed in a “one-size-fits-all” investment plan. After an investment objective is determined, MainStreet Advisors provides investment guidance and market research to help us build your investment portfolio.

Why it Works

We believe our association with MainStreet Advisors is unique and most importantly beneficial to our clients. With MainStreet Advisors we provide competitive investment planning solutions while building long-term client relationships.  

Our services include the following:
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Investment Services
    • No account opening fee
    • Low transaction fees
  • Commission-Free No one on your FAB&T investment team receives a commission. As a fiduciary, we must present unbiased investment solutions, free of proprietary product recommendations and reflective of current market and economic considerations. Neither FAB&T nor MainStreet Advisors receives commissions, fees, or other compensation from fund or insurance companies.  

Working together, FAB&T and MainStreet Advisors are committed to serving the investment needs of our clients.

*Please note that investments are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not insured by any Federal Government Agency, not guaranteed by the bank and may lose value.