person using tablet and calculator

On-Site Deposit

Cut out trips to the bank with our remote capture product, OnSite Deposit!

Say goodbye to standing in lines! No more trips to the bank saves you time and gasoline, which equates to extra money on your bottom line. You can even consolidate deposits from other offices. And you will do your part to make the Earth a little greener by saving gasoline and paper (OnSite Deposit requires no printing - all transactions and receipts are electronic).

OnSite Deposit provides you:

  • Convenience: Make your deposits right at your desk, whenever you want, even if the bank is closed! Funds are available sooner than with traditional deposits.
  • Easy Retrieval: Data is instantly stored and accessible to you, anytime. Viewing checks in your deposits has never been easier.
  • User-Friendly and Secure: Software is easy to use and takes you through the process step-by-step. Deposits are encrypted and sent electronically. System access is password-protected.
  • Quick: All you need to do is scan, verify, and click “submit” and you’re done!

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